April 3, 2022


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Welcome to the Animal Friendly podcast - this 2 minute introduction tells you all about the show's format and features.


Featured music: Your Road by Keys of Moon


Hello, and welcome to this introduction to the Animal Friendly podcast.  (Music playing and sounds of animals: cows mooing, birds tweeting, dogs barking etc).

This is an independent podcast about all things animal where, every week, I’ll be talking to….guys, I’m trying to record the introduction here, can you keep it down? (Animal sounds fade).  Thank you.

I’m your host…(sudden cat meouw)…I’m your host, Samantha, and every week I’ll be visiting and talking to different animal people; from rescue volunteers to authors, advocates and animal photojournalists.  We’ll discuss farming and chat to people involved with conservation and rewilding projects, and other people who work for, or with, animals. 

I might even chase down a few celebrities – (sound of lion roaring) – No, I don’t mean literally, I’ll…I’ll just send them an email. (Disappointed lion roar).  Sorry.

The podcast is based in Ireland, so there will be a strong Irish bias – and I can tell you now, there’s nothing wrong with that! But we’ll sometimes venture beyond the shores to talk to international guests and get their opinions on cats and dogs, horses and hedgehogs, sheep and sharks.  And we’re all inclusive here so we’ll be talking fish and birds and insects as well.  Plenty of scope to stretch our wings.  Oh, I love animal metaphors. 

So if you’re interested in our feathered, furred, flippered, fanged, four-legged, fleeced, finned or fuzzy friends then this could be the podcast for you, and I look forward to your company. 

Thanks for listening to this introduction and I hope you enjoy future episodes. 

That’s it for now, see you next time. 

(Sounds of animals again, fading out).